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Support for Amazon Japan

Teapplix now supports Amazon Japan. It works for both order sync and inventory sync, just like any other Amazon country.

So now the supported country are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico (through an integrated account
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Itlay
  • Spain
  • Japan

If you are interested in selling on Amazon Japan, but don't know where to start, Amazon Japan has kindly shared the following informational link:

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QuickBooks Desktop REST API Deprecation has no impact on Teapplix

You may have heard or gotten email announcement from Intuit, that starting March 1st, 2016, Intuit will discontinue support for the QuickBooks Desktop REST API.

This change does not affect Teapplix and our QuickBooks Integration products. Teapplix utilizes "QuickBooks Desktop SDK and the QuickBooks Web Connector". This will continue to be supported as per Intuit.

To integrate Teapplix with your Desktop QuickBooks (Windows version, Pro Premier and Enterprise, Point of Sale), install Web Connector from this link.

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Teapplix QuickBooks Integration now support Invoices

We have enhanced our QuickBooks integration to be able to export orders as "Invoices". So now the total choices are:

  • Sales Receipt
  • Daily Summary Sales Receipt -- all orders from one channel grouped into a single Sales Receipt
  • Invoice
  • Sales Order
  • Daily Summary Sales Order -- all orders from one channel grouped into a single Sales Order

*Note that Sales Order option requires QuickBooks Premier or above.

This new Invoice option is planned to be made available for QuickBooks Online in the next couple of weeks.

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UPC based method to quickly enter quantity

Teapplix has just released enhancements to our enter quantity screen, to allow you to quickly scan in UPC codes and enter quantity.

Traditionally when you enter quantity, you have to enter or scan in SKU barcode, and fill the quantity column. Some products, however, do not have SKU barcodes. Instead, they have UPC barcode.

We have enhanced our enter quantity screens, such that you have the choice of scanning either the SKU barcode or UPC barcode, either one will lookup and bring up the proper product. All you need to do then is to type in the quantity and your system will be updated.

This affects people using "Teapplix as inventory master" mode. For customers using QuickBooks as inventory master, you enter quantity in QuickBooks and are limited by whatever features that QuickBooks support.

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Teapplix Adds Support

Teapplix has introduced support for the marketplace.

This is one of the first marketplace, where Teapplix not only manages orders & inventory, but also can launch listings. Multi-Channel eCommerce sellers can quickly take their existing product definition, and bulk launch them onto the marketplace. In addition, Teapplix automate the download of orders and upload of tracking numbers, handles returns and cancels automatically, and control inventory quantity and pricing, all from our easy to use web interface.

For details, please see:

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Teapplix Adds Support for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Program

Teapplix has released support for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Program. This program allows sellers to offer free shipping to Amazon prime members using merchant fulfilled merchandise. Historically, you have to send your item to be fulfilled by FBA to participate in the Prime program.

For more details, see

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Deposit to Multiple Bank Accounts for Shopping Cart Orders

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Overlay of SKU onto FedEx SmartPost labels

By popular request, we have now enabled printing of label SKU onto FedEx smart post labels. The SKU is printed in the upper right hand area to the right of service endorsements.

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USPS “photographing all mail”

The latest book by Bob Schneider "Data and Goliath", says:

"Through a program called Isolation Control and Tracking, the US Postel Service photographs the exterior, front and back, of every piece of mail sent in the US. That's about 160 billion pieces annually."

Apparently, there are 2 programs, one old and one new:

  • "Mail Covers Program" is on demand, and records the exterior of all "mails" and "parcels". However, this is on-demand and only applied in the numbers like tens of thousands a year.
  • "Mail Isolation Control and Tracking" applies to all letters. (It is not clear if this applies to non-machinable letters or flats, which are hard to automate). Apparently a machine photographs the front and back automatically as a barcode is sprayed automatically onto the letters.

New York Times has a pretty detailed write up about this here:

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Enhancements to QuickBooks “Unexported Orders” Page

We now have added more links on "Unexported Orders" page, to help you better filter the displayed orders.

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