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Business Model Disruption – how Tesla Beats Google on Auto Pilot

This example shows how a company with less resources can still innovate on business model and beat a much bigger company. By using customer as gathering point, it seems like driverless car software wars will be won by manufactures that: … Continue reading

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Inventory cost model change for multi-warehouse

We have made a change to “inventory cost” for multi-warehouse. All multi-warehouse that are not tied to external systems, will be treated as “avg cost”. As a result, when you upload quantity to these warehouses, you must provide the “Unit … Continue reading

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Clean energy and opportunities in new products

Palo Alto, where Teapplix corporate office is located, is a very progressive city on environmental concerns and clean energy. The electricity supply in the city by next year will be 50% solar, with a majority of the rest by hydro, … Continue reading

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Bill 3rd Party FedEx & UPS Accounts from Shipping Profile

We have enhanced our system to allow you to add bill 3rd party FedEx / UPS accounts to your shipping profile. Sometimes a marketplace will require you to ship using accounts provided by them as “bill 3rd party” account. Now … Continue reading

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