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Change in bulk update and marking orders shipped

You now can use bulk update to mark orders shipped and put in a tracking number. In addition, you will also have the choice to say if you want Teapplix to confirm the order as shipped upstream, and send email … Continue reading

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Sears Marketplace order confirmation fixed

There was an issue that causes Teapplix to not confirm shipping status and tracking number back to Sears marketplace. This is fixed starting 4/21/2011.

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QuickBooks order export for payments without item

Teapplix has changed export behavior for “Paypal payments without line items”. These are payments you get in Paypal where either the item name is blank, or quantity is 0. This will happen when somebody sends you money via Paypal, or … Continue reading

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Update to Firefox Direct Print Extension

Teapplix has released a beta version of our Firefox Direct Print extension here: You need to uninstall your current plugin before you click on the above link to install the new version. This new version supports Firefox 4, and … Continue reading

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Changes to Customer Report, APO filters

We have added more fields into the customer report. It now has almost all data needed to reconstruct the original order. In addition, shipped orders will include carrier and tracking number in the report. “PO Box Hawaii & Alaska” filter … Continue reading

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