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Shipping insurance and notifications

Teapplix has made a change in how we handle packages that carries thirdparty shipping insurance. Teapplix use to put a line on packing list and email notifications that states the package is covered by thirdparty shipping insurance, and some details … Continue reading

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Duplicate orders in QuickBooks

If you notice that sometimes, you are getting duplicate orders exported to QuickBooks, please check your Internet connection and make sure the export completes without error. The way Teapplix export orders to QuickBooks: 1) send a batch of orders to … Continue reading

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USPS new terminology

Starting Feb 11th, USPS “Delivery Confirmation Numbers” are no longer called that. It is now called “USPS Tracking #”. Same for signature confirmation. See our Endicia partner site for details

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What version of QuickBooks does your software support

As per Intuit: Web-based software applications that can be used with QuickBooks Web Connector have been designed to communicate with some or all of the following QuickBooks products: • U.S. editions of QuickBooks Financial Software products • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions … Continue reading

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We now have an option to control import. This option allows you to choose whether to import item name from, or ReferenceId which is the SKU. This setting currently is not visible in our web interface. If you … Continue reading

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QuickBooks order export changes

1) on “Un-exported orders” page, you can now remove orders from export queue. Once done, these orders will never be exported to QuickBooks. 2) We changed the numbering system for orders. Order number will not be assigned by QuickBooks no … Continue reading

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Create Inventory Items in QuickBooks

Teapplix can map the items you sell to the right inventory. To do that you need to create inventory items in your QuickBooks. To create an inventory item, follow these steps: If you sell “kits”, and you have QuickBooks Premier … Continue reading

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Exporting Orders

To export orders from Teapplix to QuickBooks, start your WebConnector program. With your QuickBooks company file open, click on the “Update Selected” button on WebConnector to export up to 100 orders: If you leave your QuickBooks company file open, and … Continue reading

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Creating “Discount” items to represent fees

To optionally track eBay, PayPal and Amazon fees, create items of the type “Discount”. These discount items will be synced to Teapplix the next time you run “Update Selected” on WebConnector. After that, you will see these items in the … Continue reading

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Customer Report Enhanced

We have enhanced our customer report. The report now has additional information: amazon or ebay fees ship date actual shipping cost (current captured for usps only) item information In addition, there was a bug where the date filtering isn’t working. … Continue reading

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